Ignoring is the ultimate form of hate and dislike and Ignorance


Short Poem #153

i hate hate

i love love

without love there could be no hate

without hate there could be no love

this is not a debate

this is the truth from above

where there is only peace, positivity, light and love

Poetry Piece #158

Life goes on

but living a certain way can turn you off

and there are a lot of things in life that will try to hinder and stop you

but as life goes on, you must learn to keep on going onward and forward

so you can realize the life that overcomes struggle is the award

but living life doesnt mean youll always be rewarded

and everything you do and say can be recorded

so be careful and cautious about what will go on your permanent record

Poetry Piece #157

There is one reality known

and that reality is this, filled with the unknown

i close my physical eyes to see with my spiritual eye

and so i can get in the zone

and hear only that which is the opposite of the ego and lie

meaning through my intuitve spirit i listen to my higher self and its truth

and the truth is there is one reality

but multiple and a multitude of ways to experience this one reality

depending on a variety of things loke your beliefs, mindset, perspective and etc

but dont take what i say as the truth, listen to your inner higher true self

which is seperate from the ego and all the things and people it attaches itself too

Poetry Piece #156

What is this life

why was i born

what is my purpose

am i really just this human body

or am i the universe becoming aware of itself

i ask these questions because of curiosity

and my interest in the unknown and hidden knowledge and information

that can be of importance to my growth and experience

and of high importance to the spiritual evolution and awakening

of every vibration, frequency and energy in and out of our essence and being

Poetry Piece #155

Valuing valuable quotes full of value and validation

Loving a lovely lover who loves me in a lovingly way because of our love for one another

Blessed cause i have blessings that are blessed and bless others

Not messing around when i say my mind and house is a messy mess thats messed up because of all the messes

but nothing a healthy healing healer cant heal especially when theyre the healthiest that there health allows them to be

so to end this poem i must say inspiration comes from your inner spirit and thats how you get inspired

and once that happens your motivation increases because you have a motive to stay motivated

Short Poem #150

Thoughts on my mind bouncing like a rabbit

make me some lyrics so i can rap it

buy some presents for loved ones so i can wrap it

rabbit in the back so i had to trap it

neighbors in the back, i can hear them trappin

music in my house i can hear the lyrics and theyre rapping

gonna hit the hay soon so i feel like napping