Short Poem #6

I think to myself;

do i love her because i miss her


do i miss her because i love her

but then i realized

i miss her and i love her

Poetry Piece #38

when your thoughts become ourageous

your laughter can often become contagious

and when i get to talking

what i say can be shocking

but i never resort to mocking

and there is no need for stalking

and when i start overthinking 

i realize the weak minded will resort to over drinking

and have this feeling that can only be described as lonely, sorrowful sinking

making life seem daunting

and you get into the mindset of wanting

Short Poem #5

you wont be mistaken

when you go down the path to become awaken

you realize nothing is really taken

and the onlt thing that sounds good right now is bacon

Poetry Piece #37

Realizing the truth may hurt your mind

Seeing the truth might make you go blind

Confronting the truth might put you in a bind

Learning the truth is more then a grind

Expressing the truth is more then being kind

Search for the truth and see what you find

Poetry Piece #36

I sometimes think and act with haste

and i usually end up with a bad taste

and then all the effort seems to go to waste

so i write poetry to get out these feelings that are internal

knowing that my soul and spirit is eternal

before i strung along these words they were already eternal

Poetry Piece #35

It’s not a evil world filled with mainly good people

its a good world filled with mainly evil people

the problem is not the problem

the problem is your attitude toward the problem

Poetry Piece #34

I went searching for love

and had to look within

to experience self-love

i dont care if spirituality is a sin

and i dont indulge on the spirits and the gin

i just care about individuality

because we are all orginals in a world full of copies

 and you must have passion

to sustain love for your hobbies

stop wasting time waiting in lobbies

Poetry Piece #33

i really want to say hi

but when you ignore me

i decide to buy a dub and get high

and let out a long sigh

as i look for a sign

i wonder if i have crossed the line

maybe i should just deal with feeling fine

and get higher the number nine