Poetry 4 U #5

You read

To get lost

In whats being said

Instead of trying to reread and innerstand with whats being said

Dont stand under and dont stand over me

And to get what im saying

You must understand and overstand what i be laying

And lacing through my poetic truths

That flow through me when im aloof


Poetry 4 U #4

There is ten numbers

But ten does not exist

Zero through nine are all that lie

Everything else is a lie

Ten is one and zero combined

Anything else is the combination

Of all that reside between zero and nine

Poetry 4 U #3

They are coming

No they are near

I lied they are here

Just kidding, they have always been here

Inside you


Taking root and expanding

Through and out of you

Dont you see

Dont you feel

Dont you know

Dont you realize what you dont

Are you not aware of what you are not

Poetry 4 U #2

Under the influencee of indoctrination

Cause their fluoride, chemtrails and gmos got me intoxicated

Always been dictated by one nation

Thats secretly going through a new world order collaboration

If you aint woke, you sleep

If you dreaming, you being controlled

Cause you think your living the dream

But the reality is your living in a fallacy filled dream

Where you aint lucid

But your imagination remains intrusive

And your body and emotions stay reclusive

Poetry 4 U #1

Poetry for me

Poetry for you

Poetry for them

Poetry for we

Poetry for us

Poetry for one

Poetry for none